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'Unique By Design'

Design can sometimes be very much in the eye of the beholder. In order to be 'design worthy' the product needs to be functional, aestheically appealing, make a statement and create a wow factor feeling either through appearance or useability.

With these precursors in mind, our collections of eclective furniture for the discernng buyer entice more than a mere casual browsing.

We present to you an opportunity to tantalise your taste buds and peruse some of the finest modern office furniture 'designer' collections presently available.  

Furniture buying should be looked on as an investment and should portray the image and dynamic of the business or individual concerned. 

With trends in the workplace moving towards more 'socialble seating areas' the freedom to work without the restrictions of a dedicated working place are becoming increasing called for.

It is therefore of great importance to embrace our working environments with a new perspective and to use the creattivity we bring in our furniture designs to enhance and generate better productivity, improved posture health and wellness for all within the working environment. 

At Contemporary Edge we have the skills, knowledge and portfolio to bring together all of these ideals in order to create environmental harmony in the work space.